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Open Public Forum: Updates to the University Time, Place and Manner Executive Directive

Friday, October 13, 2017

1:00pm to 2:00pm

LIB 121


Freedom of expression is a Constitutional right and as a University we support that right by upholding a long-standing tradition at SF State of supporting critical thought and expression, engendering greater awareness of systemic societal issues, and championing the development of one’s own mind.  However, freedom of expression at SF State is subject to reasonable restrictions of time, place, and manner. The University’s TPM provides guidelines for the use and scheduling of SF State facilities including, but not limited to, where and when events and assembly can occur, the use of amplified sound, the posting of flyers, and the placement of signage.

Through this Executive Directive, the University seeks to foster and sustain a forum for the free and orderly exchange of ideas, values and opinions. It also endeavors to ensure that the exercise of the right of free expression does not imperil public safety, obstruct or damage University facilities, or interfere with the University’s educational mission and functions.

The University is currently in the process of gaining approval for revisions to the University Executive Directive on Time, Place and Manner (TPM). Please join us on October 13th for an informational session to learn about the proposed changes to the University’s Time, Place and Manner Executive Directive.

Can’t make it on October 13th?  Additional sessions will be held on November 17th and December 1st, also from 1pm to 2pm in LIB 121.