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Effective January 1, 2015, all students traveling internationally are required to purchase Foreign Travel Insurance Program through their Campus, per the Chancellor's Office Memorandum RM 2014-01.  This insurance is in addition to any travel insurance your Study Abroad Program requires.


Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) coverage summary 2017-18



     AND if traveler is a minor, you are also required to complete the following forms:

     AND if traveling to a CSURMA High Hazard Country, you are also required to complete the following form:

     AND if requesting for personal travel in excess of 14 days, you are also required to complete the following form:


2017-2018 FTIP Premiums (based on program length):

  • 1-15 days   $60 premium
  • 16-31 days   $75 premium
  • 32-90 days   $140 premium
  • 91-180 days   $265 premium
  • 181-270 days   $325 premium
  • 271-364 days   $500 premium
  • 365+ days   Please contact our office, Enterprise Risk Management at


Note:  2018-2019 FTIP Premiums will be available when the policy is renewed in July. 

If your departure date is on or after 7/1/18, your FTIP premium will be based on the 18/19 premium.



Premium Payments and Insurance Documents:

1. Submit your manually signed Foreign Travel Insurance Request Form with a copy of your acceptance letter to our office in Administration 260, or by email at

2. After your information is verified, a cashier slip is issued. 

3. Print and bring your cashier slip to the Bursar's Office to make your insurance premium payment, or pay online.

  • In-person, pay by cash, OR
  • In-person, pay by check payable to "San Francisco State University", OR
  • Online, pay on the e-Market website provided by our office with an additional, non refundable transaction fee of 2.75%

4. Provide proof of payment, in-person or by email to

5. After your payment is verified, our office submits your request for insurance to Alliant Insurance Services.

6. Alliant Insurance Services sends insurance coverage documents to the email provided on your Foreign Travel Insurance Request Form.



Student Foreign Travel Insurance Program PowerPoint Presentation 


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