Other Insurance

Other Coverage

Campus departments may consult with Enterprise Risk Management to obtain appropriate insurance coverage requirements and options for other events or activities. Examples of specialized insurance coverage purchases may include insurance for Summer Camps, extended domestic field trips, specialized classes, or activities for other groups affiliated with the University.


Property and Equipment (Inland Marine) Insurance

Campus departments may purchase optional property (Inland Marine) insurance for computers, cameras, specialized equipment, and other building contents that may be a financial hardship to replace. Typical property insurance coverage may also include items such as scientific equipment, musical instruments, athletic, or film equipment.

Enterprise Risk Management works with Alliant Insurance Services to obtain an estimate of insurance premium cost and provides assistance with any property loss or damage. If your are interested in obtaining a property insurance premium quote, contact Aimee Arica at (415) 338-7191; amarica@sfsu.edu

The University self-insures its building contents. In the event of loss, damage, or theft of property is paid by the department, budget permitting.