Insurance & Liability

Rental Vehicles

Administrators, faculty, and staff who rent vehicles for University business are reminded to access University vehicle rentals through the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Program through the Fiscal Affairs Travel website. Authorized University employee drivers must use their Campus-issued U.S. Bank Personal Liability Card to pay for the rental car and to activate the State of California’s negotiated commercial car rental vehicle liability insurance coverage for driving on University business. This will also ensure California Department of General Services (DGS) master agreement commercial rental car rates. 

Cash, personal checks, and other personal credit cards are not authorized forms of payment for car rentals by University employees driving on University business.

University employees should decline any separate rental vehicle liability insurance purchase such as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW).  Coverage is already provided through the State of California Commercial Car Rental contract.  Any optional vehicle insurance purchased is not a reimbursable State travel expense and does not release the State of California or the University from any financial or legal responsibility.

Volunteers of any type are not allowed to drive rental cars, University owned vehicles, or personal vehicles for University business at any time.

Contact Edward Wang from Travel & Hospitality at (415) 338-2604 or regarding the University's Enterprise Rent-A-Car Program, travel procedures, and reimbursement of travel expenses.  The U.S. Bank Visa Personal Liability Card application questions and issues are directed to Jason Huynh (415) 338-2546;

Contact Enterprise Risk Management at (415) 338-2565 at least 45 days prior to departure for insurance coverage for trips to foreign travel destinations on University business.

Employees must complete Defensive Driver Training (DDT) certification to be designated as an approved/authorized University driver.  Contact Laura Lyons in Environment, Health & Safety at (415) 338-1540 or (415) 338-2565 for other questions related to the approved/authorized University driver designation.