Student Interns | FAQs

What is the CSU's student intern insurance coverage?

The CSU is able to provide general liability and professional liability coverage for student interns or students at field placements for academic credit. SPLIP (Student Professional Liability Insurance Program) provides intern coverage for nursing, allied health profession, social work, and education majors. SAFECLIP (Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance Program) is available for all other major programs of study. Students seeking evidence of the CSU's student internship insurance must be currently enrolled at San Francisco State University during the period of internship/field placement.

Why is an internship agreement required to obtain the certificate of coverage for my field placement?

Students are required to provide a copy of the department instructor/internship supervisor signed field placement or intern agreement to meet the CSU's insurance carrier's requirements for coverage. Upon receipt of a signed agreement, Risk Management may provide the field placement site evidence of CSU intern insurance coverage.

Does the University provide Workers Compensation coverage for student placements?

Since students are not employees of the University, Workers Compensation coverage is not available for student interns. However the CSU's student intern insurance coverage, SAFECLIP and SPLIP coverage, may be available to meet the placement's request for evidence insurance coverage upon request.

Is the CSU's internship coverage offered during the summer, winter sessions, or periods of non-enrollment?

No. The CSU's internship coverage is limited to student interns only during periods of enrollment. For example, if a student is not enrolled in a summer class related to their internship, proof of internship insurance coverage cannot be provided.