Travel Driving FAQs

What is the vehicle liability coverage for University owned or leased vehicles under the State Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance program?
The State of California only provides third-party liability coverage. This means the State provides vehicle repair damage payment for the third party's vehicle. The repair of the employees' State vehicle (either State owned/leased) is paid (budget permitting) by the budget of the department that owns the vehicle.

Who pays for the vehicle damage expense to the University owned vehicle during an accident?
When the State driver is at fault for a vehicle accident the State driver's department budget pays for the vehicle damage repair expense. When the other party driver is at fault for an accident, the responsible party or their insurance carrier pays for the vehicle damage repair expense for the State owned University vehicle. ORIM claim adjusters assist with vehicle damage recovery efforts when the other party is at fault for the accident.

Who pays for damage to my private vehicle when an accident occurs during official University business?
If your private vehicle is damaged in an accident during official State business, your private auto insurance provides primary coverage for any damage or loss to your vehicle. When an accident occurs, the employees' private vehicle insurance provides payment for any vehicle repair damage to the employees' private vehicle and/or repair damage to the other party's vehicle. In addition, any insurance deductible payment is the employees' responsibility. The State Motor Vehicle Insurance Account (SMVIA) will only pay for excess expense not covered by your private vehicle liability insurance.

What steps do I take if I am involved in an accident while traveling on State business?
If you are involved in an accident while on State business,You may contact Enterprise Risk Management at (415) 338-7191 during normal business hours for assistance.

Authorized Drivers
What form must I complete if I drive my private vehicle for official University business?
Employees driving their private vehicle for State business are REQUIRED to verify personal auto liability coverage with the form STD 261 (Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business). Employees who use their private vehicles on state business must certify they have the following minimum amounts of auto liability insurance coverage as required by California state law:  $15,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person  $30,000 for personal injury to two or more persons in once accident, and  $5,000 for property damage Verification is required ANNUALLY. In addition, employees that sign this form are certifying they have a valid driver's license, the privately owned vehicle is adequate for the work to be performed, the private vehicle is equipped with operating safety belts and that the private vehicle is in safe mechanical condition.

Who may drive a state owned, leased, or rental vehicle for official University business?
Only S.F. State employees are allowed to drive any state owned, rented, or leased vehicles on state business.

What are the CSU requirements to receive authorization to drive a vehicle for University business?

Drivers must be a S.F. State employee which includes paid faculty, staff, student assistants, graduate assistants, and teacher assistants. To receive authorization, drivers must:

1. Possess a valid drivers license and a good driving record
2. Complete Defensive Drivers Training
3. Complete the STD 261 Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business form if using a privately owned vehicle for state business.

University employees may also reference the CSU's State Vehicle Use Policy manual called the CSU: Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines located on the CSU system wide website.

What is the Employee Pull Notice (EPN) program?

The University participates in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Employee Pull Notice (EPN) program. The EPN program is used to make informed decisions regarding whether or not an employee should be allowed to drive on official State business. The Universitys EPN program designee is notified of any issues that may affect an employees authorization to drive on official University business (driver license suspension, driver license revocation, accidents, failures to appear court, convictions, driving under the Influence or any other actions taken against the employees' driving privilege that may warrant review of an employees authorization to drive on University business).