Travel for University Business

Whether you travel locally or internationally for University business, approval authorization and travel insurance must be obtained prior to departure. Travel to any destination outside the continental United States or Hawaii requires Vice-President/Provost approval and travel insurance must be purchased through Enterprise Risk Management at least 45 days prior to departure. There is a significant insurance premium cost for travel to High-Risk countries and additional approval is required.

For additional information on travel insurance contact Enteprise Risk Management at (415) 338-7191.

Contact Fiscal Affairs Travel Center for information regarding the University's Fell Travel Inc. program.


Authorization to Drive for University Business

The University's Driver Safety Program establishes policy and procedures governing employee use of private and state owned vehicles for business purposes, University-sponsored field trips and foreign and domestic travel.

Prior authorization must be obtained before operating a private or state owned motorized vehicle on University business (including powered carts, tractors, forklifts and rented vehicles).  Authorized drivers must maintain a valid driver's license, have a good driving record and complete Defensive Driver Training. Travel reimbursement is not approved for unauthorized drivers.


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