Third Party Organization Tabling Request Form

All third party organizations that wish to table on SF State Property must complete this tabling request form. Permits are issued by Enterprise Risk Management for up to three-week periods.  Tabling organizations must be able to present a valid permit when requested while tabling.

Third Party Organizations include, but is not limited to non-profit organizations and auxiliary organizations. 

Tabling is permitted Monday through Friday from 8 am - 6 pm when Fall and Spring semester classes are in session. Tabling is not permitted during "dead week" (the last week of classes each semester), finals week, summer and winter breaks. The tabling organization is responsible for understanding the relevant University policies and procedures, including University Executive Directive #89-13: Time, Place, and Manner. All tables and chairs must be placed on the cement sidewalks, not on the grass areas. 

Upon receipt of this form, Enterprise Risk Management will send a follow up email to the requesting organization to either:

1) Request additional information

2) Issue the tabling permit

3) Provide the reason for denial of a permit 

Third Party Organization may only table in the designated area between the Cesar Chavez Student Center, Fine Arts, and Creative Arts Building as shown in the map below. 

Please note that all 3rd party organizations must bring their own table. SFSU will not supply tables.

I understand that food is never permitted to be distributed.
As an officer/representative of and on behalf of the organization listed at the top of this form, I agree to abide by all SF State and CSU policies, including those regarding the use of campus grounds. It is also understood that by submitting this form I am acknowledging my agreement with the items listed herein and the information I have provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Issued permits and approval of events does not constitute any type of endorsement by the University of the organization's purpose and/or viewpoints, and it does not constitute any assumption of the responsibility, liability, or sponsorship (fiscal or otherwise) by the University for the organization's activities.
Commercial transactions (defined as the selling or purchasing or bother selling and purchasing by any person in the course of employment in, or in the carrying on of, a trade or business) are not permitted.
In accordance with University Executive Directive #89-13, no money may be solicited unless it is for a non-profit group. Non-profit groups wishing to solicit donations must have: 1) Proof of the group's non-profit status (letter from Attorney General or Internal Revenue Service); and 2) Written authorization for the individual(s) who solicit from the organization