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Enterprise Risk Management seeks to promote transparency, growth, and accessibility within our campus community. We are actively seeking ways to spread the word about best practices, policies and procedures, and other ways to keep our campus safe for everyone. See all upcoming events on our home page. Listed below are learning opportunities we've hosted in the past. If you have suggestions for events you'd like to see on campus, please email Solinna at

Risk Talk: Independent Contractor Approval Process

March 6, 2019

Location: Library 121 from 11am-12pm

Presenters: Michael Beatty, Director, Enterprise Risk Management

                                Stephen Blecha, Associate Director, Talent Management & Compensation

                                Megan Dobbyn, Director, Procurement

                                Solinna Kim, Risk Analyst, Enterprise Risk Management

An Independent Contractor (IC) is engaged in a distinct occupation, profession, business or trade not regularly part of University business; agrees to do a specific piece of work for an agreed upon fee; provides services to non-University clients; and supplies their own tools and work spaces. ICs are not eligible to participate directly or indirectly in University benefits programs and the University is not required to verify immigration status under Immigration Reform and Control Act provisions.

This Risk Talk will outline the newly revised Independent Contractor Approval Process by providing guidance around required forms and who to contact with questions.


Preventing Abuse of Minors on Campus

November 7, Location: Library 286
10:00am to 2:00pm

Presenter: TBD


This half-day workshop is a great introduction to abuse risk management and is designed to facilitate larger campus-wide conversations about how, why, and what youth protection systems exist on campus.

The workshop will include a two-hour mid-morning presentation (approx. 10:00 am to 12:00 pm) that provides attendees with a fundamental understanding of the scope of the risk, how abuse happens in youth serving programs, best practices in prevention, and leadership's role in abuse prevention initiatives. This session will also provide information on how you can leverage the Praesidium partnership.

This presentation will be followed by a working lunch (approx. 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm) and tabletop exercises designed to facilitate important discussions on campus:

•          What systems do you already have in place?

•          How to prioritize next steps?

•          Who should be involved in the decisions and build a sponsorship network?


Risk Talk:  On the Road Again

Driving on University Business

August 29th, Library 121

Presented by: Michael Beatty, Risk Manager

                         Demond Blanton, Worker’s Compensation and Loss Control Programs Manager

                         Aleksey Sobinin, Fleet Coordinator

We all know that SF State conducts business all over the City, all over the State…all over the World!  Whether riding in an electric cart on campus or driving to a conference in San Luis Obispo, the safety of our faculty, staff and students is primary to the mission of the University.  Driving on University business is a major risk for any higher education campus.  SF State has driver safety policies and training programs in place aimed at ensuring that anyone driving on University business knows the rules of the road and how to protect themselves and others while behind the wheel of a vehicle.  SF State also has fleet management procedures for ensuring that those University-owned vehicles being driven by our employees are safe and well-maintained.

Join us for a one-hour discussion to learn all about driver safety and vehicle fleet management at SF State. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Driver safety certification
  • DMV Employer Notification Program
  • Authorized Driver List
  • Master Car Rental Agency Agreements
  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance
  • Annual Fleet Schedules

Risk Talk:  Bon Voyage!

International Travel on University Business

July 17, Library 121

Presenter: Michael Beatty, Risk Manager

                         Wendy Lopez, Administrative Analyst

Approximately 400 international trips are taken each year on University business. This Risk Talk will cover:

  • The administrative approval process for foreign travel insurance
  • Explanation of foreign travel insurance coverages
  • How to access different resources available to SF State faculty/staff who travel abroad
  • Best practices to avoid administrative delays
  • General safety tips for international travel

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Insurance Requirement in Contracts

June 8, 2 PM - 3 PM, Library 121

Presenters: Michael Beatty, Risk Manager

                           Megan Dobbyn, Director of Procurement

SF State enters into hundreds of contract/agreements each semester. This session will outline the procurement process and what to look for to avoid delays in the contracting process. The most common delayer in the procurement process is insurance requirements. Learn what to look for from the beginning to ensure a smooth contract experience. Also learn about the hidden (and uninsured) costs of accidents that justify these requirements. 

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Technology Acquisition Review

May 8, Mashouf Wellness Center Classroom 105

Presenters: Julianne Tolson, Information Security Officer

                           Avi Chandiramani, Information Technology Consultant

                           Megan Dobbyn, Director of Procurement

SF State technology acquisitions, purchased or obtained at no cost, must be reviewed for accessibility and information security compliance with CSU policies and SF State practice directives. Compliance helps ensure the university’s data is appropriately managed and protects the university’s liability in the event of data breach or litigation. Pre-approved technology does not require a Technology Acquisition Review (TAR) and should be used whenever possible. This session will outline the technology review process, pre-approved technologies, and explain how supplemental IT conditions are incorporated in contracts.

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Release of Liability Waivers Explained

April 27, Location TBD

Presenter: Michael Beatty, Risk Manager

                         Solinna Kim, Risk Analyst

Releases of Liability are legal agreements presented to a participant of an event or activity prior to their participation in the activity. They are designed to transfer responsibility for injuries and property damage from host entity or organizations to the participant in echange for the participant being allowed to participate in the activity/event. SF State uses Releases of Liability to (1) protect the Univeristy from cliams arising out of "ordinary" negligence and (2) provide written proof that SF State warned participants of the inherent risks associated with the activity that they are partaking in. 

Subpoenas and Public Records Act Requests

March 14, 2018, 11 am - 12 pm, Library 121

Presenter: Andrea Whipple, Compliance and Policy Coordinator

This session will cover what to do if you are ever served a subpoena on campus as well as how the campus responds to Public Records Act (PRA) requests. The California Public Records Act requires inspection or disclosure of governmental records to the public upon request, unless exempt by law. Governmental records include physical and electronic files as well as emails that are sent in the course University business. As an employee of the California State University, learn what may be requested of you and your department if the campus ever receives a PRA request. The session will also cover best practices and resources available on campus when dealing with a subpoena or PRA request

Executive Directive #89-13: Time, Place & Manner Updates

February 14, 2018, 11 am - 12pm, Humanities 587

Presenters: Michael Beatty, Risk Manager

                          Brian Stuart, Assistant Dean of Students & Director

Effective January 1, 2018, the Executive Directive regarding use of campus ground and facilities has been updated. Join us to learn what the updates mean for the campus. We will cover:

  • Special events on campus
  • What is and isn't considered protected speech
  • New policies around signage on campus

The session will leave ample room for questions at the end of the presentation.

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Campus-Wide Risk Registry: Risk Assessments & Mitigation Plans

January 24, 2018 from 11 am - 12 pm in Administration 201

Presenter: Michael Beatty, Risk Manager

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is responsible for surveying the campus community to find out what risks the campus may be exposed to, be them financial, operational, strategic, hazard, or other. ERM then aggregates the data into a risk registry which shows, not only the identified risks, but mitigation efforts that may affect a risk's ranking to be poorly, adequately, or overly controlled. Join us and learn about the risk assessment process and what campus leadership has identified as the most prominent risks for the SF State campus and how the campus plans on mitigating these risks. 

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Click here for Presentation Slide Deck