Workers' Compensation


Workers' Compensation | General Information


Workers' Compensation is an employer paid benefit that provides you with medical, compensation, and supplemental job displacement voucher benefits if you are injured on the job or become ill because of your work.

Sedgwick Claims Management Services (Sedgwick CMS) is San Francisco State University's Workers' Compensation claims administrator.

Reporting My Injury:

1.    Tell your appropriate administrator (Chair/Supervisor) about your injury immediately.

2.    Contact Demond Blanton, Workers' Compensation & Loss Control Program Manager at for a referral to one of our occupational clinics and to complete Workers' Compensation claim paperwork.

3.    Complete Employee's Report of Work-Related Incident, Injury or Illness Form and DWC-1 First Report of Injury form.

In all cases NOTIFY your Supervisor of your injury or illness immediately!


Workers' Compensation | Medical Treatment

Kaiser on the Job is SF State's designated occupational health clinic.  Please contact Demond Blanton, Workers' Compensation & Loss Control Program Manager at for a referral.  

See 'How to Get Help for Medical Events'.


Employee Responsibilities

  • The employee is responsible for reporting their injury or illness to their supervisor/manager/chair.

  • The employee needs to report to ERM for a referral to Kaiser on the Job (KOJ) for medical treatment. The employee should continue to keep all medical appointments.

  • OFF WORK STATUS: If the physician takes the employee off work, it is the employee's responsibility to notify their department supervisor/manager/chair and the Workers' Compensation team of their work status. The employee must provide the supervisor/manager/chair and Workers' Compensation team with a copy of the physician's work status report.

  • LIGHT DUTY WORK RELEASE: If the physician releases the employee to light duty, it is the employee's responsibility to provide their supervisor/manager/chair and Workers' Compensation team the work status report outlining their work restrictions. A determination will be made regarding the availability of light or modified work.

  • FULL DUTY WORK RELEASE: If the employee is released to full duty work, the employee must provide the supervisor/manager/chair and Workers' Compensation team with a copy of the doctor's release note.

  • The employee is responsible for cooperating with the claims administrator (Sedgwick CMS) and providing all documentation to them in a timely basis.

Supervisor/Manager/Chair Guidelines:

The following procedures must be followed by the supervisor when a work-related illness or injury has occurred in the work place.

1. Arrange for appropriate medical treatment for the employee.

2. Contact ERM to report the injury, and provide updates regarding the employee's work status.

  • Report the injury as soon as possible.  Serious injuries and illnesses must be reported to Cal-OSHA within 8-hours, regardless of the day or time the Supervisor was notified. After hours, contact UPD to report the injury.
  • Keep the Workers' Compensation team informed of all updates to the employee's work status, including: off duty status, releases to light and full duty work.
  • Provide the Workers' Compensation team with copies of all reports and notes from the treating physician(s).

3. Complete the Supervisor/Manager/Chair section of the 'Employee's Report of Work-Related Incident, Injury or Illness' (page 2) .PDF

  • Fax or e-mail a copy to ERM as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours from the date the injury is reported to the Supervisor.  ERM will send the employee the DWC1 form after the injury is reported by the Supervisor. 

Follow-up appointments

If an employee receiving IDL benefits is released by the physician to full-time employment and subsequently loses work time for doctor’s appointments, physical therapy etc., such absences shall be charged to the employee’s leave credits consistent with CSU policy on reporting of absences for non-exempt and exempt employees.

It is the CSU’s policy that the first visit to a MD following an injury is not counted against sick leave. The reference for this policy is found in the following Technical Letter: -


Return to Work

The Return to Work (RTW) Guidelines are designed to assist in providing temporary transitional work assignments to employees unable to perform their usual jobs due to temporary injuries and/or illnesses.


·         San Francisco State University creates safe and productive work opportunities for employees with temporary injuries and/or illnesses.

·         San Francisco State University utilizes a collaborative, consultative, decision-making process incorporating services of Disability Programs, Human Resources, Environment, Health, and Safety and other University areas as appropriate.

Recommended Process

·         Treating physician releases employees to temporary transitional work.

·         Employees provide University with a primary treating physician’s description of temporary work restrictions.

·         Employees and supervisors engage in the interactive process to identify and create temporary transitional work assignments that conform to the temporary work restrictions.

·         Supervisor determines start date for temporary transitional work assignment, documents the assignment and supervisor and employee sign and dates the assignment.

·         Supervisor provides the employee and ERM with a copy of the assignment.

·         Employee starts temporary transitional work assignment as agreed upon

·         Supervisor reviews/modifies and supports employee in the return to work program

·         Temporary Transitional Work assignment concludes at 3 months, and employees are referred to Disability Programs


·         Productive and engaged workforce.

·         Recognition of employee skills and abilities.

·         Decreased wage and benefit loss due to uncompensated time away from work.

·         Collaborative contribution to a safe, healthy and productive University.

·         Timely, comprehensive and effective assistance, which supports the healing process


Contact:  Demond Blanton, Manager, Workers' Compensation and Loss Control Program

Phone:  415-338-1545