Film Shoot Liability Insurance

Producing full and short length films is vital to the educational experience of our Cinema students.  When shooting films off-site, nearly every film shoot location will require that a filmmaker carry some form of insurance. A good example of this is the need for general liability insurance to cover property damage and bodily injury to third parties. A building owner will want to be protected for any damage to the location. The building owner would also want to be protected from any lawsuits brought forth from a passerby. For example, the passerby may have tripped on electrical cables or sustained injuries from gear that fell off a roof.  SF State’s Film Shoot Liability Insurance policy provides coverage for our students when shooting off-site.



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Follow these steps for a Request for Liability Insurance.  

1.  A student makes an appointment with the Production Coordinator (Pablo Lorenzo Riquelme Cuartero;

2.  Production Coordinator checks their production packet and highlights any red flags that may need extra attention. 

3.  Once the production packet is approved, and if the student requests it, the Production Coordinator gets in touch with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and starts the process to provide the student with location liability insurance.  Allow processing time as this process can take up to two weeks.

4.  Student will need to coordinate with the course instructor for which the production is for.  The process to get liability insurance requires the instructor's signature and approval.

5.  ERM reviews the Request for Liability Insurance and emails the Certificate of Insurance (COI) to the Production Coordinator.

Name:  Pablo Lorenzo Riquelme Cuartero

Department:  School of Cinema


Phone:  (415) 405-3926