Request to Post Free Standing Signs

Banners are postings that exceed 36” on any side. Free standing signs are signage intended to be placed on campus grounds such as A-frame signs, yard signs, or other free standing objects. Banners and free-standing signs are a special category of postings because of their size and will only be permitted in designated locations; a list and map of approved locations is attached as Appendix C and can be found on the Dean of Students website at:

In order to display a free standing sign or banner, the posting entity or person must receive prior approval of the location and method of installation. Students shall submit requests to the Dean of Students Office (Student Services Building, Room 403 or Employees (faculty, staff, administrators) and 3rd parties shall submit requests to Enterprise Risk Management (Administration Building, Room 260). The University reserves the right to deny a request to display a banner or free standing sign based on factors unrelated to the content of the signs, such as, but not limited to, space availability and safety concerns.

Banners and free standing signs may only be displayed for three weeks unless granted an exception by the President or President’s designee(s), such as for official University business of an ongoing nature. Banners and free standing signs that note specific event dates must be removed within 48 hours after the noted date. Unapproved banners and free standing signs may be removed at any time by designated University personnel.

Free standing signs may only be placed in the locations highlighted in purple on the map below. 

Note:  University groundskeepers may need to move some signs to perform their regularly scheduled maintenance duties.  Signs are sometimes removed and placed in a nearby location to allow for watering and cutting of the grass.  This normally occurs on Monday mornings.  For those departments with approval for multi-week signage placement, please check on your signs every Monday and return to the approved location if they have been moved.


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*Note: Postings are permitted for up to 3 week periods.