Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management strives to effectively manage risks associated with the campus to protect the assets of the University through a number of varied loss control activities. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of risk awareness, strategic resilience, and sustainable growth. We are dedicated to comprehensively identifying, evaluating, and managing risks across all facets of the institution, optimizing decision-making processes to enhance SF State’s long-term success. Through collaboration and innovation, we strive to embed risk-informed practices that protect the university's mission, reputation, and financial well-being, fostering a secure and dynamic environment for academic excellence and institutional advancement. The department develops, implements, and maintains comprehensive loss control policies, procedures, and education activities to help reduce or eliminate exposure to liability losses.


5 Steps of the Risk Management Process

  1. Identity risks that the organization is exposed to in its operating environment.
  2. Analyze and determine the scope of the identifies risk and understand the link between the risk and different factors within the organization.
  3. Evaluate and rank the risks to allow the organization to gain a holistic view of the risk exposure landscape. 
  4. Treat risks by implementing risk mitigation strategies, prevention plans, and contingency steps to minimize the probability of negative risks and/ or enhance opportunities.
  5. Monitor and track the effectiveness of various risk treatment programs and strategies and modify accordingly. 

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