Driver Safety Program

In an effort to protect the University community and assets, the Driver Safety Program (DSP) is designed to establish rules and regulations on driving privileges for University employees who drive State (including rentals, leased vehicles, power carts, and 10+ passenger vans), or privately-owned vehicles, for University business purposes.

The purpose of this program is to utilize safe driving strategies to enable motorists to address identified hazards in a predictable manner. These strategies help employees or volunteers learn to improve their driving skills in order to reduce their driving risks by anticipating situations and making safe well-informed decisions.

Prior authorization must be obtained before operating a privately or University-owned motorized vehicle on University business. This includes:

  • University-owned vehicles
  • Rented vehicles
  • Powered carts (requires additional training)
  • Tractors (requires additional training)
  • Forklifts (requires additional training)


Employee is defined as including staff, faculty, graduate teaching assistants, student assistants, and work-study students. 


To register for DSP,

1.  Complete the Authorization to Drive on University Business Application and DMV Pull Notice forms.

2.  ERM will email instructions for accessing the Defensive Driver Training (DDT) through CSU Learn.  

      The DDT course must be assigned by ERM and cannot be self-initiated.  

3.  Once you have completed the training, provide a copy of the Certificate of Completion to

     Instructions on how to access/print your Certificate of Completion

Complete the following Human Resources forms:

For additional information, refer to the Human Resources' Volunteer Acknowledgement Guidelines.

For questions, contact Human Resources at (415) 338-1872 or

Complete the STD 261 - Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business form.  This form requires annual renewal.

For additional information, refer to the CSU Guidelines for Use of University & Private Vehicles.

Authorized drivers renting vehicles for University business must rent from Enterprise or National using Concur Travel.  The State of California has a master agreement with Enterprise or National that provides for preferred rate and $350,000 in automobile liability coverage at no additional cost.

For questions, contact Travel Services at

Frequently Asked Questions

The Driver Safety Program aims to ensure those who drive on University business are qualified to do so and to set minimum standards of care and conduct in order to protect University assets, which includes people and property. University practice also requires drivers to be registered in the Driver Safety Program in order to be reimbursed for auto-related travel expenses.

No. These forms capture data that is considered confidential. PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH THESE FORMS TO AN EMAIL.

These forms should be completed in DocuSign.  The forms are available as templates in DocuSign. 

If necessary, the forms can be downloaded from the "Forms" section and hand-delivered to ADM 258 or faxed to (415) 338-0597.  

The SDT 261 form is valid for one year and requires annual renewal.

No. Standard practice dictates that ERM receive the required forms first.

Yes, volunteers who are formally appointed as such through Human Resources are permitted to drive University vehicles.

Only if you are an employee and are driving on University business. This includes staff, faculty, graduate teaching assistants, student assistants, and work-study students. You must also be registered through the Driver Safety Program. Students who are formally appointed as volunteers may drive University vehicles on University business. Persons who are not “University employees,” are not authorized to drive University vehicles.

Authorized Driver Lists

Other Resources

Auto Accident Reporting


Campus Contact

Demond Blanton

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