Auto Accidents

Determine whether immediate medical attention is needed for anyone involved in the accident. Obtain necessary medical assistance. If you are injured, notify your supervisor and campus Enterprise Risk Management for assistance and information at (415) 338-1545.

Do not admit fault or make any promises. Use the STD 269 (Accident Information Card) in the glove compartment of the State vehicle and share your vehicle and driver's license information with the other driver. If you are driving a state-owned or state rental vehicle, provide the other party the State Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) contact phone number at (800) 900-3634 or (916) 376-5300. If you are unsure, call ORIM for further assistance.

Whenever possible, phone the campus University Police (415) 338-2222, California Highway Patrol (CHP), or any law enforcement authority to the scene of the vehicle accident and obtain a police report number.

Report any vehicle accident to the State Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) within 48 hours. Complete and submit the form STD 270 (Vehicle Accident Report) to your Supervisor and notify S.F. State Enterprise Risk Management at (415) 338-2565. If a police report was completed, provide the report number with the STD 270 – (Vehicle Accident Report).  Due to Confidential Data, fax the STD form and police report to ORIM at (916) 376-5277.  

If you are involved in a vehicle accident involving a rental car on State business, contact the S.F. State Enterprise Risk Management for assistance at (415) 338-1545.

Your supervisor must complete and submit form STD 274 (State Driver Accident Review). *Please note that this form is not always compatible with Chrome. It is recommended to open in other internet browsers.

Immediately report any bodily injury or significant property damage to the State Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) by telephone at (916) 376-5300, by fax at (916) 376-5277, or by email at  Weekend voicemail messages may be left at their toll-free phone number (800) 900-3634.  All calls will be returned the next business day.  

Report all vehicle-related accidents on the STD 270 – (Vehicle Accident Report), no matter how minor, and send your vehicle accident report to the S.F. State Enterprise Risk Management in Administration 258.  

If you are served a legal summons or court order as a result of a vehicle accident, contact the S.F. State Enterprise Risk Management at (415) 338-1545 for assistance.

Refer all calls made by the other party, attorney, insurance company, or other representatives to the State Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM Claims Unit) phone number at (800) 900-3634 or (916) 376-5300.  DO NOT agree to provide any written or recorded statements.

Repair of Other Party's Vehicle

To expedite the repair of the other driver's vehicle, refer the person to the ORIM toll-free number (800) 900-3634, or (916) 376-5300.

Property Damage Claims

If there is only property damage and the other party's vehicle is operable, you may suggest to the other driver to give you one or two repair estimates so you may submit the STD 270 form with the estimates as a package to ORIM. Only one estimate is needed for repairs of $500 or less.

State Employees

Employees injured in a vehicle accident while on University business may receive medical attention from San Francisco State University's designated Workers' Compensation provider or their pre-designated physician or health care provider.  Immediately contact the Workers' Compensation Manager in Enterprise Risk Management (415) 338-1545.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

If you are an employee with San Francisco State University (staff, faculty, student assistant, college work study student, etc.), you may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits that will help pay medical expenses related to the vehicle accident. Call the campus Workers' Compensation Manager to obtain a claim form.

All Other Third-parties

All other parties involved in a State vehicle car accidents may receive treatment or medical attention at the nearest or preferred hospital or clinic. All third parties may file a liability claim to the State Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) and the State Board of Control for reasonable and documented medical expenses related to the accident. The Motor Vehicle Liability Self-Insurance Program (VELSIP) does not provide medical coverage for uninsured motorists. A third party's vehicle insurance or personal medical insurance is primary coverage for any immediate medical expense related to the accident.

Physical Damage

Commonly referred to as comprehensive and collision (or, comp and collision) coverage, physical damage coverage is not provided by the State’s Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) for state vehicles, privately owned vehicles, or rental cars used on state business. However, the employing state agency or department may reimburse damage for losses to privately owned vehicles.  Refer to SAM Section 0759.

Please refer to SAM Section 0759.5 and Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) Rule 599.630 for information regarding reimbursement of physical damage expenses for rental vehicles.

State Vehicle Repair

University-owned vehicles - The cost of repair to a damaged State-owned University vehicle is paid through the budget of the owning department. The SMVIA (State Motor Vehicle Insurance Account) provides for only third-party liability coverage.

Leased State vehicles - Vehicle damage repair expenses for leased State vehicles are included with the rental rate charged by the State Garage, Office of Fleet Administration. The cost of repair or replacement of all Department of General Services (DGS) pool cars is included in the daily, weekly, and the monthly rental rate charged by the DGS Fleet Administration regardless of how or why the State Vehicle was damaged while in the employee’s custody.

Privately owned personal vehicles - When a private vehicle is damaged in an accident during official State business, your private auto insurance provides primary coverage for any damage or loss to your vehicle and the other party’s vehicle. Any insurance deductible payment is the employees' financial responsibility. The State Motor Vehicle Insurance Account (SMVIA) will pay for excess expenses not covered by your private vehicle liability insurance.

State Vehicle Damage Recovery

When the driver of the other vehicle is at fault for damages to the State Vehicle, the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) Vehicle Claims unit manages the recovery of vehicle damage repair costs from the other party's insurance carrier or other responsible party.