Shoes for Crews

The objective of the Shoes For Crews (SFC) program is to reduce the frequency and severity of slips and falls for employees in job classifications who work in potentially slippery environments.  Reducing slips and falls will ultimately decrease the University’s Workers’ Compensation costs associated with those injuries. 

Participation in the Program

Apply to Participate

Departments can apply for participation in the Shoes for Crews Program by completing the form below. 

Eligible Departments

ERM will provide a pair of Shoes for Crews (SFC) slip-resistant footwear every 6 months to employees who work in potentially slippery areas in the departments identified below:

  • Procurement & Support Services - Mail Services, Property, Shipping and Receiving
  • Facilities - Custodial Services
  • Housing - Dining, Conference Services, Housekeeping

Approved Shoes

A new approved flyer will be available in June and will be posted on the ERM website for the next order in July.

Employees are allowed 60 days to exchange their shoes for a different size or style. 60 says starts from the date of the original order. No shoes will be exchanged once the 60 day period has ended. 

Please Note: Shoes shown on the SFC Catalogue included in show boxes are not part of the program. Refer only to the approved shows flyer.