ERM Initiatives

The Audit, Risk and Compliance (ARC) Committee will advise the President by collaborating to identify and manage the full range of risks that the University faces. The ARC Committee will champion the resultant strategies and be charged with communicating them to each member’s respective areas. A common language for managing risk and identifying appropriate controls will be established with a balanced view; one that attempts to minimize hazards, influence and control uncertainties, and manages opportunities.

The ARC Committee will ultimately assist the University in fulfilling its responsibilities related to: 

  •  Adequacy and effectiveness of systems of internal control
  •  Independence and performance of the external and internal audit functions
  •  Sufficiency of the university’s process to manage business and financial risk
  •  Adequacy of the university’s process to ensure regulatory compliance

The University recognizes its commitment to protect and provide support to students, faculty, staff, and visitors in the event of significant interruption to the University’s mission or operations.

The goal of the Business Continuity Program is to continuously build and enhance the University’s resilience when faced with adverse events such as natural disasters or any event that may disrupt operations. This entails implementing contingency plans surrounding critical operations, to ultimately ensure for speedy restoration and resumption of University services and operations. Contact to learn more about your role in this initiative. 

San Francisco State University is committed to ensuring the safety of youth on our campus, in SF State programs, and within our community.  SF State's Youth Protection Program helps the campus safeguard youth by defining the bandwidth of acceptable behavior when interacting with minors and establishing minimum requirements for youth programs operated by or at San Francisco State University. Visit this page to learn more about these requirements and other best practices related to protecting youth in our care.