Foreign Travel Insurance

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) works with the CSURMA Program Administrators to obtain the CSU’s mandatory foreign travel insurance coverage. Coverage includes but is not limited to emergency medical care, medical evacuation, legal assistance, lost luggage, and passport replacement. Assistance is available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week worldwide.

Administrators, faculty, staff, and students traveling internationally on University business must obtain foreign travel insurance through Enterprise Risk Management. Insurance through the Foreign Travel Insurance Provides (FTIP) covers activities, including, but not limited to, academic coursework, field research, attendance at professional conferences and meetings, teaching, and other University-related work and activities.

International travel approval is required and obtained by completing an online Concur Travel Request (for Faculty and Staff), or a Request for Authorization to Travel/Travel Advance form (for students and group travel requests).  This completed request/form, together with the completed Request for Foreign Travel Insurance packet, is submitted for approval through Concur or by email (if UCorp funded and student traveler).  When appropriate travel approval and foreign travel insurance are not obtained, international travel is considered unauthorized and the University's insurance coverage will not be extended nor will travel expenses be reimbursed. 

Faculty and staff obtain international travel approval online through Concur Travel & Expenses, a new travel management system. Each fully approved Concur Travel & Expense Request is forwarded to ERM from Fiscal Affairs for foreign travel insurance processing.  For questions regarding Concur Travel & travel expense reimbursement policies, contact Amanda Tobias at (415) 338-2808 or email at  Additional information is available on the Fiscal Affairs, University Travel Services website.

If requesting travel to a "high hazard" or "war risk" country as designated by CSURMA, please first consult with Enterprise Risk Management before submitting the Request for Travel to High-Risk Country form. If faculty or staff is submitting an individual travel request to one of these countries, attach this form to the Concur Travel Request with the Request for Foreign Travel Insurance form.  Chancellor’s Office approval is required for all travel to war-risk countries. Foreign Travel Insurance coverage is available in most destinations except for countries on which trade or economic sanctions have been imposed by the laws or regulations of the United States of America.

Non-employee travelers (i.e. students, volunteers, etc.) are required to complete the Release of Liability packet.  Volunteers also must be formally appointed as volunteers through Human Resources by completing the Request to Appoint Volunteer form. These completed forms must be submitted with the other required travel documentation for international travel and submitted to ERM.


Purchasing Foreign Travel Insurance

For more information on how to complete a travel request through Concur, visit the Fiscal Affairs, Travel Services website

This does not apply to study abroad or faculty-led study abroad programs. 

For the Office of International Program's (OIP) Study Abroad Program insurance requirements, visit our website for Study Abroad Insurance.  For questions regarding the program, contact OIP at

For the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program group travel, contact ShanShan Liu in the College of Professional & Global Education (CPaGE) at  FTIP forms will not be accepted in ERM for this program.  Submit all forms to CPaGE.  For reference, the FTIP checklist is available here

Once a request is fully approved in the Concur Travel System, Travel Services will provide a copy of the packet to our office.  If the packet is not complete, we will reach out to the traveler for additional information or forms.

Once we have processed the insurance, an email confirmation will be sent to the College Dean, or Department AVP/Director.  

Crisis24 will send an email to the traveler with details about the Crisis-24 services including instructions for downloading the Worldcue app.  Travelers are requested to follow the instructions to download the Worldcue app prior to departing on your trip. 


Note:  Chargebacks for insurance premiums are processed on a quarterly basis, or after ERM is invoiced.  Make sure to review the email notification to ensure the chartfield is correct.  If it is not, email Aimee Arica at with the correct chartfield  within the week the email confirmation is sent.

Required Forms for a Faculty or Staff Request:

For questions or assistance on Concur Travel Request, contact Harry Tran from Travel Services at 


Required Forms for a Non-Employee Request (i.e. students, or volunteers):

If you're participating in the Office of International Program's Study Abroad Program, visit our Foreign Travel - Study Abroad website for the required forms.


Required forms for Group Foreign Travel Request (2 or more travelers):

For Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program, contact Alexander Chang in the College of Professional & Global Education (CPaGE) at  FTIP forms will not be accepted in ERM for this program.  Submit all forms to CPaGE.  For reference, the FTIP checklist is available here


Required Forms for a Faculty, Staff or Student Request funded by UCorp.  UCorp funding sources are not available in Concur Travel at this time.


Rates are subject to change depending on the dates of travel and the foreign destination.

  • Trips 1-15 days: $60.00 per traveler/per trip
  • Trips 16-31 days: $75.00 per traveler/per trip
  • Trips 32-90 days: $140.00 per traveler/per trip
  • Trips over 90 days - Email Enterprise Risk Management staff at

Chubb Travel Assistance Program 

24-Hour Access
1-855-327-1414  Toll-Free
1-630-694-9764  Direct Dial

Visit for access to global threat assessments and location-based intelligence.

In the event medical assistance, medical emergency, travel assistance, and/or security assistance are needed, the SF State University participant should contact the Travel Assist provider to initiate assistance.

New Crisis24 International Travel Risk Management Partnership


The California State University has teamed up with Crisis24 to provide our international travelers with access to up-to-the-minute, destination-specific health, security, and safety briefings for all travelers.

Upon completion of Enterprise Risk Management’s enrollment of international travel in the CSU’s Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP), each traveler will receive an email directly from Crisis-24 with details about the Crisis24 services including instructions for downloading the Worldcue app. Please follow the instructions to download the Worldcue app prior to departing on your trip. This will provide you with access to valuable Worldcue safety and security utilities such as:

  • Hotline Button: Use this button to connect directly with AXA's 24x7 Hotline Center in the event of an incident.
  • Check-in Button: Use this button to confirm your location and safety OR to communicate your safety during a dynamic security event (i.e., terrorist attack, tornado, tsunami, shooting).
  • Crisis Button: Use this button if you need immediate assistance and cannot speak on the phone. Defer to the Hotline button if you are able.
  • Pushed Intelligence Alerts: Relevant intel pushed to you based on your itinerary. You can adjust the level of alerts in your profile settings once activated. 

Please reach out to Enterprise Risk Management at if you have any questions about these services now being provided by Crisis-24 to our international travelers.


These countries are categorized as Level 3 (reconsider travel) on the U.S. Department of State's travel advisory list.  Traveling to these countries requires approval from the Campus President or her designee, and has a higher insurance premium.

Algeria Cuba Lebanon Palestinian Authority
Burkina Faso Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) Libya Saudi Arabia
Burundi Egypt Mali Somalia
Central African Republic Guinea-Bissau


Chad Israel Pakistan Yemen


Traveling to these countries requires approval from the Chancellor of the CSU and the Campus President, and has a higher insurance premium.

Afghanistan South Sudan
Belarus  Sudan
Iran  Syria
Iraq Ukraine

Name:  Aimee Arica


Phone:  (415) 338-7191


For Concur Travel Request assistance, including travel reimbursements:

Name:  Amanda Tobias


Phone:  (415) 338-2808